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The 2 Best Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

August 17, 2015 | Comments (0)
Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are two main areas for penis enlargement, the stretching of the skin, and the pumping of blood. With both of these tactics it’s critically important to never overdo it penis enlargement exercises. If so you could tear the tissue and cause internal bleeding. However if these are done carefully then your penis will respond by growing naturally.

The penis acts as a balloon, and the more its stretched and filled with blood, the bigger it will get. This stretching and pumping will work in the long term and you will notice your shaft getting thicker and longer the more you do the exercises. It’s recommended to combine these exercises with PC muscle exercises to bring strength to the entire region.

You should do approximately 10 minutes of exercises per day in order to see long-term growth. That’s 5 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes of pumping.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Stretching Exercises

There are many ways you can stretch the penis. The best time to do this is when it’s in a flaccid state. Simply wrap your thumb and forefinger around the penis, just below the tip. Then use your other hand to hold down the base, and pull upwards and away until you feel a slight stretch. Never over stretch, you should feel it tugging but not hurting. Do it for 30 seconds in each direction, up, down, left, right, and straight out.

Another way to do this exercise is to rotate the penis in a circular motion while it’s being stretched. Do this for 30 seconds to a minute.

You can experiment with other stretching methods, some are more complicated than others, but start off with this basic one first.

Penis Pumping

There are several pumping exercises, which fill the penis with blood in order to stretch out the blood vessels and allow more blood to enter. This will make the penis thicker and longer over time, and when combined with the stretching exercises you will experience natural growth.

There is a process called jelqing where you pump blood into the shaft and tip when it’s in a flaccid state. You do this by massaging the penis with your hand around it from the bottom, and pumping blood up into the top in an upward motion so blood is pumped up the shaft. Alternate between hands to do it faster and get more blood pumping.

As with any exercises, this shouldn’t hurt at all, but you should see that the penis is being pumped with blood. You may start to go semi hard during this exercise, which is normal. Just wait until you are flaccid again and start again.

You should start out with a low volume of jelqs to get used to the exercise and then increase the number per day. As always, be very careful with your penis and make sure you are never hurting yourself or pushing it too far.

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