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3 Most Widely Used Penis Enlargement Methods and How They Work

3 Most Widely Used Penis Enlargement Methods

If you are reading this, it is obvious that you are looking for a method that can add some inches to the size of your penis. Well, there are several methods out there that promise to do that for you and probably the sheer variety of them has bemused you! Here we shall talk about the three most commonly used penis enlargement methods and how each of them work.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis Enlargement PillsPenis enlargement pills are essentially made from various herbal extracts which can help in improving the hormonal balances within the body. This helps in increasing blood flow to the penile tissues. The improved flow of blood then pushes the constricted tissues of the penis and fills them too, making the penis effectively larger. Several herbal extracts are used, and no two brands use the same ingredients, but you could commonly find fennel, saw palmetto, ginseng, dong quai, damiana and similar herbs that contribute differently to the whole process of enlarging the penis.

Penis Traction Devices (aka Penis Extenders)

Penis ExtendersPenis traction devices are being preferred for penis enlargement right now because they provide fast and visible results, sometimes in as little as a week. These traction devices contain two rods which can be tightened or loosened by a set of screws. The rods are provided with grips (a noose shaped arrangement or a comfortable strap like arrangement) which hold the penis firmly but gently at the base and the head. While the pressure is applied through the screws, the penile tissues are mechanically stretched out, and can accommodate a better flow of blood into them. As a result, the penis gets elongated and also gets increased in girth.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Penis Vacuum PumpsThese devices, though still popular, are slowly losing their appeal due to the presence of penis traction devices. They are essentially composed of a cylindrical chamber into which the penis is supposed to be inserted and a vacuum pump arrangement with controls that fit in the palm of the hand. The idea is to provide different values of vacuum pressure into the chamber, which can draw an increased amount of blood into the penile tissues, thus filling them out completely. They need to be used very carefully as any wrong usage might lead to damaging the slender tissues and ligaments of the penis.

A Short Comparison

If you are looking for sheer discreetness, then you will be better off with penis pills, though penis extenders are also made very sleek nowadays. You can wear them under your pants and no one will know. Vacuum pumps, though, need to be used strictly in private.

The most effective methods right now are claimed to be the penis extenders. They win here too because they can produce immediate and visible results which are difficult to achieve through penis pills (too slow) or penis pumps (too risky).

As far as usage is concerned, nothing is better than the penis pills. After all, what can beat a simple popping of the pill in the mouth once a day? The vacuum pumps are the most cumbersome to use.

The penis enlargement methods of choice right now are the penis traction devices though a lot of men use penis pills still. Recent studies have shown that the number of men using vacuum pumps have drastically decreased in the last few years.

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