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Do Penis Pumps Work? A Woman’s Perspective on the Effectiveness of Penis Pumps

Do Penis Pumps Work

Lots of men feel inadequate about the size of the penises. In fact, statistic show that the majority of men feel that their penises are smaller than average. Many of these men desperately search for ways to enlarge their penises. They want to know the answers to questions like, “Do penis pumps work?”

Most of these men want bigger penises so that they can impress women with them. However, the truth is that not many of these men really know how women feel about penis pumps or even penises in general. For men who are considering using a penis pump, here is a guide to a woman’s perspective on the issue.

Does Size Matter?

The age-old question most men wonder about is whether size really matters. Unfortunately, this is not a straightforward issue. There is definitely a lot of truth to the statement that, “Size matters.” The truth is that a man with a bigger penis can stimulate a woman’s clitoris more effectively than a man with a small penis.

However, the girth is much more important than the length of the penis. The average vagina is only 3.5 to four inches deep, which means most men are more than long enough to fill it up.

Also, the majority of women will tell you that the size of a man’s penis is not as important in bed as how attentive a lover he is. A man who is inventive, caring and willing to please will do a much better job of satisfying his woman than a man without these traits, and that is true no matter how larger or small their penises are.

Do Penis Pumps work and How Do Women Feel About it?

Because the girth of a penis can make a difference in the bedroom, using a device like a penis pump can be a great help in a couple’s love life. The people who wonder, “Do penis pumps work?” will find that they work very well for adding both girth and length to a man’s erection.

Therefore, most women will be happy to have a man who wants to please her with a bigger penis. However, every woman is different, and a man who wishes to use a penis pump must be willing to adjust to his partner’s preferences. If you are going to add a penis pumping routine to your lovemaking, then you need to use decide whether or not you will use it in front of your partner.

Some women will not want to see their man use the device in front of them, and they will be turned off if they do see it. Some will be fascinated by the device, and they will get turned on by watching their man engorge his penis with the pump. Others will be indifferent.

Therefore, it is important that you discuss the use of the device with you partner. Ask her how she feels about it. However, be careful how you approach this discussion. Make sure to talk about it in a mature manner. Do not approach it in a childish way. Doing so will doom the scenario to failure.

If you are with a woman who is not turned off by you using the device in front of her, then the key to using it with her is to use it with confidence. If you act embarrassed when you use it, it will ruin your lovemaking. Women are attracted to confidence, and you will be sure to turn her on if you use your penis pump in a bold, confident manner.

If you have a small penis and your partner is not okay with either your penis or the fact that you use a penis pump, then you need a new partner. There are plenty of women that will appreciate a man who puts forth the effort to enlarge his penis with a device like a penis pump. Don’t settle for someone who does not appreciate your efforts.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you will be sure to find one who you can feel comfortable using the pump with. This will ensure that you have good chemistry in the bedroom , which will make for brilliant sex.

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