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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do Penis Pumps Work

Penis pumps have become a major talking point over recent years. Men everywhere are aware of their existence, yet a variety of opinions exist over whether or not penis pumps actually produce results.

Rumor has it, using a penis pump can increase the length of your penis, improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help you last longer during intercourse. But are these benefits real, or are they the work of science-fiction?

How penis pumps work

The pumps work by using suction to increase blood flow to a male’s penis. Once switched on, this vacuum-like suction attempts to inflate the penis, causing the increase in size and erection quality many claim to experience.

The pressure creates a minor swelling of the penis, which in turn increases the amount of blood flow to the organ. The result; a larger looking erection.

The increase in blood flow to a man’s penis is something also produced by the sexual enhancement pill, Viagra. Those wishing to avoid medicinal intervention are most likely to use a penis pump, which has many of the same mechanisms as the drug, but without the side-effects.

So, do penis pumps work?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question regarding the pumps, is ‘do penis pumps work?’

A simple Google search shows thousands of men worldwide attempt to find an answer to the question monthly. However, the levels of success experienced by users vary, making a conclusive answer close to impossible.

The ratios of success are positive though.

Some of the most recently carried out clinical trials show 50-75% of men are satisfied with the results of their penis pump. Variables such as age, general health and other physical factors of course influence the quality of results experienced.

The American Urological Association recommend penis pumps as an alternative to erectile-inducing drugs such as Viagra or Cialis. Though they do issue caution not to overdo the use of one.

While more evidence exists showing the device has a use when it comes to increasing sexual function, there’s limited evidence to suggest a permanent increase in size results from regular usage.

In the short-term

Short-term use of penis pumps can, and often does, increase penis size, however results are temporary, and little suggests long-lasting improvement can be made through vigorous usage.

Manuals accompanying the devices often recommended a treatment of 30 minutes, several times weekly in order to see an improvement in the length and girth of the penis. While evidence exists to show that short-term increases in size can be achieved, permanent ones remain inconclusive.

After a short time, the swelling caused by the vacuum-pump goes down, and the penis returns to its original size. Some medical literature suggests overusing the pumps in order to gain an increase in size can cause lasting nerve damage or short-term impotence.

Patient discretion is advised while using a penis pump, as while they do offer advantages, the penis is a fragile organ, and repeated vacuuming can cause a host of problems. It’s recommended if you do decide to use one that you stay within the parameters of healthy usage, which can be found online or in your manual.

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