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Does your woman prefer a bigger penis?

Does your woman prefer a bigger penis

For many, sex is just something that they indulge in for procreation purposes. But for others, it is one of the most pure and basic enjoyments that they can indulge in for free. In such a scenario, the size of the genitals and the beauty of it play a big role. While for women, the beauty of the breasts and vagina has different requirements, for men, it is the size of the penis that matters the most. Even though thousands of medical reports have proclaimed that the size of the penis cannot be changed drastically, there are several women and men who think that the larger the penis of a man, the more sexual excitement he would be able to offer.

There are several reasons for this. One of the most important is the media and entertainment concepts. We still remember how Sonny’s wife, in Godfather, took extreme pleasure in comparing her husband’s penis to her lady friends with an ever growing distance between the thumb and the forefinger, and finally between the two palms. One should also know that the concept of Sonny’s huge penis played an important role in the storyline that became the Godfather II and Godfather III.

However, it has been proved that it would not make any physical difference to the woman’s sexual pleasure, if the man had a longer penis, though it would make a difference if he had a thicker penis, with more girth. It may only be a psychological thing for her. Porn stars, whose sexual lives are more or less quite public, have gone on record saying that they might be turned on by the fact that a longer penis is penetrating them, but it does little difference to their physical excitement and sexual arousal.

Women like their men having a larger penis, but majorly, it is because of social and psychological pleasure. The modern generation, which has no qualms about telling it as it is to their friends, would take great pride in telling them that their sexual partner was very good in bed, and when it comes to beds and stuff, the size of the penis becomes the most important piece of information to be shared with the lady friends.

Again, it depends from woman to woman. Some women might not like a bigger penis, while others might actually want a bigger penis, even though it has got nothing to do with the physical pleasure. If your sexual partner wants to have intercourse with a man who has a bigger penis, you should look for the various ways in which you can have at least a little increase in the penis size. You can try for the various pills and ointments, and even go in for surgery. However, surgery is not suggested, as it might have some serious repercussions, but you can certainly look at the penis extenders. Penis extenders are simple devices that are connected to your penis, and some can even use them throughout the day, once they have it cleared off with a medical officer or the family physician.

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