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Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection: Part Two

Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection

If you have been looking for ways to get firmer erections, you may have been thinking about pills or devices. However, is no need to go to that trouble. Most likely, there are lots of things to help you get a firmer erection that are already in your kitchen. There are a number of foods that you can eat that will help you get a harder penis. Here is a look at some of the best foods, eating your way to a harder erections.


Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection - CoffeeCoffee has a few things in it that will help your erections. The main thing is caffeine, which will boost your blood pressure and get the blood flowing better through your system. This will allow you to get more blood into your penis, which will help you get harder erections. Also, coffee has been shown to help release fat stores. These released fat stores will give you more energy that will increase you stamina in the sack.


Chili Peppers

Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection - Chili PeppersThe chemical that makes chili peppers spicy is called capsaicin. The burning sensation that you get when you eat a spicy pepper is because capsaicin causes the blood vessel to dilate, which causes the blood to rush to your face. However, this dilation effect is not limited to just the face. The blood vessels all over your body will dilate when you eat spicy peppers. This includes the blood vessels in your penis. When you eat some peppers, you will be able to get more blood to your penis. This will help you get firmer, bigger erections.



Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection - AvocadosIf you want to get firmer erections, your best bet may be to start eating a ton of Mexican food. As previously stated, the spicy chilies will help. However, the guacamole will help as well. The main ingredient in guacamole is avocado, and avocado is chock full of potassium. Potassium is a key mineral for a healthy heart. It improves circulation and helps your heart pump blood more efficiently. This means you can get harder erections when you eat lots of avocado.

If you don’t care for avocados, there are other foods that you can eat to get the potassium you need for firmer erections. Other foods that are great sources of potassium include white beans, green, leafy vegetables like spinach, potato skins, apricots, acorn squash, yogurt, salmon, white mushrooms and bananas.


Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection - CherriesCherries contain large amounts of chemicals known as anthocyanins. These plant chemicals are known for their ability to keep the arteries free of plaque. When your artery walls are plaque-free, the blood will flow through your body more easily. This will allow the blood to get to your penis more readily, allowing you to get firmer erections.



Garlic and Onions

Eating Your Way to a Harder Erection - Garlic and OnionsThough they may not be the best option for lots of kissing, eating garlic and onions can give you a firmer penis. This is because onions and garlic both contain the phytochemical allicin. This chemical thins the blood, which will give you enhanced circulation. This will increase the blood flow to your penis and give you better erections.

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