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Shipping & Handling

How Come I Have Not Received A Response To My Weekend Email?

We are open normal business hours Monday – Friday. If you send us an email on the weekend or a holiday, we will respond to you by the following business day.

Do You Ship To APO/FPO Mailboxes?

Yes, this option is available.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to most international locations.

How Do I Track My Order?

All orders are shipped with shipping confirmation (USA) or a customs declaration number (International). Tracking details will be found in the confirmation email you receive from PayPal. Otherwise, simply check the tracking details on PayPal.

How Long Will It Take For My Item To Arrive?

All items are shipped within 1-2 business days. Your shipment delivery will depend on the shipping option you selected.

If I Combine Multiple Orders, Will They Ship Together?

Yes. We ship from one location, and thus you should receive everything in one order. However, if we have low stock issues, we may need to ship from more than one location. Please rest assured, however, that wherever your shipment comes from, it will be discreet.

Can I Combine Shipping On Multiple Items?

Yes. If you are based in the USA, you can select free shipping on all items. If you are ordering from an international location, we are happy to subsidize your shipping rate if you are buying more than one item. Please email us at, or call us at 1-866-275-4690 for options. Please be advised that we do not charge markups on shipping, and thus we will offer you the best deal possible within the shortest shipping period.

How Much Are Shipping & Handling Charges?

We offer FREE shipping for US orders. Expedited and Next Day shipment is available at a subsidized rate. Please check the rate table for shipping options. We do not charge any handling fees.

Returns & Refunds

How Do I Cancel My Order?

Cancellations are no problem. This can easily be done via PayPal or an email to us at

Kindly be advised that in an endeavor to maintain high levels of customer service, we ship promptly. You are thus advised to attempt your cancellation as soon as possible after placing your order.

Shipped orders: We are unable to cancel orders which have already been shipped. You may return unused, unopened items.

Unshipped orders: If you have not received a shipment confirmation email from us, it is likely that your order has not been shipped. Please check your junk mail folder to check that an email from us has not landed there. We will be happy to cancel unshipped orders. Please email us at to attempt your cancellation.

What If My Order Arrives Damaged?

Our products are well-packaged to withstand damage during shipping. However, in the event that damage does occur, kindly advise us hereof within 7 days of receipt. Any defective units will be replaced without shipment or transportation charges.

How Do I Return My Order?

Simply email us at We will be happy to provide return information.


How Can I Be Sure That My Payment Is Secure?

We offer payment via PayPal, which relies on several technological features and service guarantees to ensure that your transactions are as secure as possible. PayPal also offers Buyer Safety.

Do You Accept Bank To Bank Transfers?

No. We accept PayPal. You can pay via credit card.

How Do I Proceed With Payment?

Simply click on the ADD TO CART button and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to complete your payment.

Penis Enlargement

Do You Recommend Losing Weight To Make The Penis Extender Work Better For Me?

If you aren’t in the most flattering of shapes, it is highly recommend that you exercise for your body along with using the penis extender. If you are overweight, it means the blood circulation in your body is already obstructed and this will certainly take a toll on your penis size. When you lose weight (aerobic exercises are the most recommended), you will find the extender works better and faster for you.

Can My Penis Extender Help My Wife And Me To Conceive A Child?

If your childbearing is hampered because you aren’t able to achieve an erection or sustain it for the duration of penetrative sex, then an extender will definitely help because it will improve the quality of your erection. But if your problem is something more complex, such as a low sperm count, then you will have to look for other solutions.

Is There Any Truth In The Statement That Penis Extenders Can Cure Impotence?

Nothing can be said concretely about this. However, it is true that the extender will improve the quality of your erection. This is because of the fact that it will help more blood to flow into your penile tissues. If you are impotent because you aren’t able to get an erection or because your erection is weak, you will certainly get some benefits.

My Penis Is Bent Towards One Side. Can I Still Use The Penis Extender?

Sure you can! In fact, it is highly recommended. The penis extender will apply traction on your penis and straighten out bent tissues. It is highly possible that if you use this device regularly, you won’t have a curvature in your penis anymore.

Is The Penis Extender A Sex Toy As Well?

No. You cannot and should not leave on your penis extender during penetrative sex because it will harm your partner’s genitals. The penis extender is meant only for the therapeutic purpose of penis enhancement.

Can I Put On My Penis Extender Immediately After Having Sex?

Just as with masturbation, even with penetrative sex it is best to leave an interval of about half an hour before using the penis extender. Sex makes the penis glans sensitive just as masturbation does.

I Masturbate Frequently. Can I Use My Extender Immediately After I Masturbate?

It could be uncomfortable to you to use your penis extender immediately after you have masturbated. When you masturbate, the glans of your penis becomes more sensitive. This can cause a dull pain in that region if you use your penis extender immediately. However, with a comfort strap there should be no problem. It is advisable to leave a gap of at least half an hour after masturbating and then put the extender on.

Are Penis Extenders A Complete Program In Themselves, Or Do I Have To Do Something Else Too?

Penis extenders are a complete penis enhancement program. You don’t have to do anything else such as exercises or using pills or patches.

Is That Possible? Can I Really Wear My Penis Extender To Work?

Yes, you can. Modern penis extenders are quite thin and if you wear them under your loose shorts or trousers, no one will know you have them on. However, wearing them under jeans could become uncomfortable for you.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Penis Extender?

There is nothing such as a best time to use a penis extender. You can use it any time. Most people keep them on when they sleep at night. Other people prefer to wear them when they go to work or during their daily routine.

What Kinds Of Gains Are Possible, Overall?

Again, that depends from one man to another. Results have varied from 1 inch to 3 inches in length, with some increase in girth as well.

How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I See Any Results?

The length of time it takes for a penis extender to show results varies from one person to another. However, on an average, men have observed gains of about an inch within three months.

How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I See Any Results?

The length of time it takes for a penis extender to show results varies from one person to another. However, on an average, men have observed gains of about an inch within three months.

Won’t It Be Uncomfortable To Use The Penis Extender For Such Long Periods Of Time?

The new models of penis extenders are really very comfortable to use. They are designed very sleekly and you will find that when you put them on your penis, you will not even feel them after a while. Make sure to buy penis extenders with the comfort strap attachments and you will cleanly forget about them.

For How Long Must I Use The Penis Extender Each Day?

The recommended period for using the penis extender is a minimum of 3 hours per day. If you can, you are welcome to use it for longer periods of time.

Are All Penis Extender Devices The Same? What Are The Differences, If Any?

No, all penis extender devices aren’t the same. The previous models, now known as the classic models, had a noose-like arrangement that was meant to be attached to the head (glans) of the penis. The newer versions have a comfort strap arrangement that do the same job but with more comfort. The basic difference is thus in the method of fixation.

How Will The Penis Extender Fit On My Penis?

All modern penis extenders are built with three main parts: the grip that holds the shaft of the penis, the two rods on which the traction is adjusted and the arrangement that holds the penis at its head. Now, penis extenders usually have all movable parts, especially the middle rods which can be tightened or loosened by means of screw attachments. This helps you to change the pressure that you apply on your penis.

What Is The Mechanism Of Action Of Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders work on the principle of traction. The penis contains basically soft spongy tissue. This whole process of erection is about getting blood to flow into the cells of this tissue. But in some people, some of these cells might be constricted or obstructed due to some reason, which is why they don’t get a proper flow of blood into their penis. The result: their penises don’t “open” out completely when they are excited and they get smaller erections. However, the penis extenders stretch these penis tissues. This helps the tissue to open out completely and the blood can engorge the tissue completely. This takes care of the erectile capacity of the man. When used for a long time, the tissues become flexible and even in the unexcited (flaccid) state, the penis becomes larger in size.