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Get a Bigger Penis With This Penis Enlargement Exercise

get a bigger penis with this penis enlargement exercise

No matter what some people say, penis size does matter. Sure, it helps to know how to use it, but it helps even more to have a large enough penis to please your partner. Unfortunately, many men do not have as large a penis as they would like. If you are on the smaller side, do not despair. Many tools exist that you can use to help you get a bigger penis. One of the best ways to do this is through penis enlargement exercises. Here is a look at the best penis enlargement exercise, which is known as jelquing. Now you can get a bigger penis with this penis enlargement exercise with jelquing.

What Is Jelquing ?

Jelquing is the cornerstone of almost every penis enlargement exercise that you will encounter. Jelquing uses a motion similar to milking a cow to help increase the length of the penis. It is a safe exercise, and men will be surprised at how quickly they will gain size when they use this technique.

How to Jelq

The first thing you must do before being any jelquing exercise is to properly lubricate your penis. Use baby oil, petroleum jelly, lotion or lube to thoroughly lubricate your penis before you start the exercise.

Once your penis is lubricated, you want to gently stroke your penis until you have achieved an erection around 50 to 75 percent of full size. It is particularly important not to get too stimulated. Never practice jelquing with a full erection. Doing so could damage your penis.

After you have achieved this semi-erect condition, you are ready to begin jelquing. To jelq properly, you begin with your thumb and forefinger forming a circle. Place this circle around the base of your shaft. You want to grip fairly tightly. The goal is to grip tightly enough that you will force blood up toward the end of the penis. However, be careful not to grip so tightly that it hurts. This may take some experimentation to get the right grip.

Once you have the grip perfected, you can move your hand up your penis from the base to the just below the glans. This motion should take around two or three seconds to complete. That is the extent of the exercise, but the trick is to repeat it many times over.

For best results, you should repeat these jelquing exercises for five to 10 minutes every other day. After a couple of weeks, you should start to see significant improvements in both the size and hardness of your erections.

Keep jelquing consistently to ensure your penis keeps growing. You will need to keep the exercise up to keep your penis as hard and long as it can be. Like any other form of exercise, you’ll need to practice consistently to stay in shape.

Here are some great books about jelquing and male enhancement, Jelqing: The Truth About Jelqing And What You Need to Know by Chris Campbell , Male Enhancement: The Ultimate No BS Guide to Adding 2″ to your Penis Naturally by Rich Florateo, and Penis Enlargement: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Bigger UNit Naturally! by Carlton Spender.

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