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Penis Enhancement History: A Few Interesting Nuggets

Penis Enhancement History

Did you know that penis enhancement is not at all new? In fact, the earlier men were much more fascinated about penis enlargement than we are now. The reason behind that was simple. Men didn’t cover themselves with clothes much and everything they had was up for everyone to see. Just like we immediately tend to judge people by their height or other visible aspects of their physique, a very normal and popular way of judging men back then was the size of their penis.

In those times, men with bigger penises became leaders of their clans and had the pick of women from their tribe. No kidding!

This kind of feeling was most prevalent in African tribes, to whom we owe most of the penis enlargement methods that are available today. Another culture that was most vocal about penis sizes was the Aztec culture. In both these cultures, there are evidences of how fathers would train their sons in proper techniques and exercises for penis enlargement so that they could become the envy of their clans when their time would come. Indian culture hasn’t been too vocal about penis enlargement, but nonetheless Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal science, is full of herbs that have been used discreetly or openly for enhancing the size and performance of the penis.

Most herbal medicines for penis enlargement that are gracing various websites today are directly derived from this knowledge that was handed down from one generation to the next since well over 3,000 years ago.

The penis traction devices which have become so popular today are direct descendents of ancient African beliefs that applying pressure on a particular part of the body could make it grow. In earlier days, men would hang weights from their penises quite uncomfortably that too in the hopes that they would grow in length. Today’s traction devices, known as extenders, are convenient ways to harness the same principle. They apply pressure on the penis tissues consistently and stretch them till they grow to appreciable levels. The plum on the pudding here is that today’s extenders are much safer to use and do not cut into the penis tissues like those torturous methods of the past did.

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