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Penis Size Average Around the World

Penis Size

One of the saddest things in the world is how many men think that their penises are below average. Studies show that the average man thinks that the average penis size is seven inches. In fact, the average penis erection size is more like 5.5 inches. These numbers show that most men with average penises are walking around thinking that their penises are too small. Let’s break down some more numbers about penis sizes around the world.

North American Numbers

For men in the US, the news is both good and bad. The good news is that men in the US who have a penis that is of average size worldwide will be better than average when compared to their countrymen. This is also the bad news. The average penis in the US is only 5.1 inches, which is nearly a half inch smaller than the world average.

Their neighbors to the north are right at the world average. The average Canadian penis is 5.5 inches. Maybe it is the brisk northern air that accounts for this discrepancy, but it is not an overwhelming difference.

Some Alleged Myths About Penis Size Aren’t Really Myths

Most people are aware of the stereotypes of Asians having small penises and Africans having large penises. Well, it turns out that these stereotypes actually have a basis in fact. Let’s look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo to show how the myth of the big black penis is not really a myth at all. The average man in Congo has a penis that is 7.1 inches. That is more than an inch and a half larger than the worldwide average. That probably means that storekeepers in the Congo have a hard time keeping Trojan Magnum condoms in stock.

On the flip side, there is that other stereotype of small Asian penises to consider. This has been fodder for jokes in many comedies, but the truth is that it is really no laughing matter. The country with the smallest penises in the world is South Korea. South Koreans have an average penis length of only 3.7 inches. Chinese men are a little bigger at an average of 4.3 inches, but that is still more than an inch shorter than the worldwide average.

One country bucks this small Asian penis trend though. Japanese men have an average penis of 5.2 inches, which is actually slightly larger than the US average. Maybe it is all the sushi they eat, but something is allowing Japanese men to tower over their Asian counterparts.

Try to keep these numbers in mind the next time you feel like you have been shortchanged. If you have an average penis of 5.5 inches, then you are in great shape compared to many other men. Even if you are right at the US average of 5.1 inches, that still makes you a giant compared to the average Asian. It is important to keep your penis size in perspective to prevent feelings of inadequacy.

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