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Psychological Benefits of a Bigger Penis

Psychological Benefits of a Bigger Penis

Men’s health experts all over have constantly gone to town saying that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual performance. Their take is – it is only the first few inches of the vagina that is sexually responsive; so, even if a man has a penis that’s just 4 to 5 inches long, it is enough to sexually stimulate a woman. But, despite such talk, a lot of men do go and get their penises enlarged and, intriguingly you might say, a lot of men are goaded by their wives and girlfriends to go and get the job done!

So, if women weren’t interested in a man’s penis size at all, this wouldn’t have been happening, would it?

The truth is that if you have an adequately sized penis, it is good enough for you to have a stimulating sexual encounter with your woman. But there are certain psychological levels at which this doesn’t seem to work.

There is so much told about the size of a person’s manhood since ever that the general convention is that men with bigger penises are more of “men”. This belief has been instilled in the human race right from the tribal times when people didn’t hide themselves behind clothes. When everything was there for everyone to see, it was the men with the thicker and longer penises that were “ahem” taken.

And this feeling has persisted. Men with bigger penises have a kind of cocky ‘pardon the pun’ confidence that goes everywhere with them. Women take one look at the man and they can tell his penis size just as surely as they can tell his monthly income. And, without even thinking, women find themselves falling for such men. Just because they apparently have bigger penises!

But what does it do to lesser endowed men? It saps their confidence, that’s what. When lesser fortunate men see their friends in the locker room with bigger penises talking about their latest conquests, they start feeling inadequate. The inferiority complex is developed right there and stays with the man everywhere. And women can easily tell a man is nervous, even if he is nervous about such an intimate thing that he thinks no one knows about.

Men with bigger penises are also more confident because they know it will be a visual treat for their woman when they drop their shorts. Women do get aroused visually. There have been instances when men with smaller penises have been laughed off a woman’s bed never to clamber into it again! It is also this “response factor” that plays a vital psychological role in the overall sexual life that a man leads.

So, don’t let people tell you that you don’t need a bigger penis after all. This is like the latest electronic product that everyone tells that you can do without. It is only when you get it do you realize how life-changing it can be for you.

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