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Symptoms of Prostatitis

Symptoms of Prostatitis

Prostatitis, or prostate gland inflammation, is often confused with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) because of symptoms such as painful urination and fever which are very common symptoms of UTIs – because of its location which is just below the urinary bladder, while surrounding the urethra, such symptoms occur when the prostate is inflamed. Nonetheless, Prostatitis manifests in different symptoms depending on its type and cause.

Acute prostatitis, which is usually caused by Coli and Proteus, the very same bacteria that cause urinary bladder infection, or Chlamydia, a sexually-transmitted organism, entails difficulty in urinating, frequent urination, fever and chills. It can also cause pain in the perineal (area between the scrotum and anus) and bladder region. In some cases, symptoms may include dysfunctional erectile and lack of interest in sex. It is significant to note that prostatitis acquired through sexual intercourse can be more complicated especially if the infection reaches the blood stream and other adjacent organs. While acute prostatitis is more life-threatening among all types of prostatitis, it is also the easiest to diagnose and treat. Most of the time, the treatment is an antimicrobial, a drug that kills or prevents the growth of microorganisms, and may last from several weeks to a few months.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis, on the other hand, is typically caused by a recurring infection in the prostate. It is a relatively uncommon illness which symptoms, although sometimes it causes no symptoms at all, may include frequent urination, painful urination and ejaculation and pain in testicles and in the perineal area. Other symptoms may also include mental depression and anxiety. And if left untreated, complications can range from infertility to myositis, or inflammation of the muscles. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is harder to diagnose and treat of the two types of prostatitis. Treatment may last for a longer period of time lest the bacteria that cause the illness would come back.

Although acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis are both highly-curable, health care practitioners would always advice to see your doctor immediately if you think you have symptoms of prostatitis.

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