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How to treat Peyronie’s disease

How to treat Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease treatment entails careful medical evaluations and examinations. The treatment options are necessarily based on the severity of the disease. Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that Peyronie’s disease treatment will completely resolve the penile distortion for there are always the tendency for the bending to persist despite medications or even surgical treatment. Medical studies indicate that most Peyronie’s disease treatment options only have a success rate of 60% in improving the condition of the patient.

During the initial stages of the Peyronie’s disease, which typically last for six months, erection can sometimes be painful, particularly within the shaft of the penis. But the good thing is that, in most cases, the pain eventually goes away even without undergoing any medical treatment. However, the bending of the penis does not always follow the same trend. While the pain may indeed persist, doctors would likely recommend medical therapies because the alteration in the tissue elasticity that causes the inflammation is still highly-reversible during this stage.

When the Peyronie’s disease becomes severe, normally in its later stages, the bending would no longer respond to medical therapies. This is when medications and surgical treatment come into play. Some of the medications being considered are as follows:

  • Colchicine – a medication that is conventionally used to treat gout. It helps cure inflammation, and prevents scar tissues to generate.
  • Vitamin E – an anti-oxidant used to treat scars and has long been considered as a Peyronie’s disease treatment since 1940’s.
  • Verapamil – is generally given by directly injecting into the plaque.

Surgery as a Peyronie’s disease treatment is only considered when the disorder becomes so severe to the extent that it already serves to impede any sexual activity. However, surgical treatments are only considered to men whose conditions are severe, and are not improved by use of medical grade penis extenders and the above medications. While most traditional penis extenders are used for the purpose of extending the male penis, the invention of extenders came about primarily to treat Peyronie’s disease.

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