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Methods of Penis Enlargement that actually work?

Methods of Penis Enlargement

This is the question that does a lot of rounds in male conversations and even in men’s minds when they are alone! Admit it you have probably thought about what methods of penis enlargement really work, even if you are quite happy with the size of your penis. A few added inches don’t hurt, do they?

So, to answer the question – what penis enlargement techniques really work? We have here the top three for you. But we aren’t simply going to be talking out of our hats here. We are going to give you the reasons why these method are deemed the best.

Penis Traction Devices

You could very well call them the most effective and the safest penis enlargement methods out there right now. Think about it – what do you want in such a method? It needs to show results quickly that you can actually see, it should work in a short time, it should be completely safe, it should be non-intrusive and it should give you some pretty bonuses as well. Maybe you are also looking for a method that’s cheap. Penis traction devices work on all these counts.

You can actually see them at work because they are attached to your penis and they stretch out your penile tissues to the maximum. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find your penis has grown a significant little after each session.

The bonuses are that your sexual performance increases and problems such as penis curvatures could become history if you use them regularly.

Penis Pumps

These work with the vacuum principle. They create a low pressure within the tissues of the penis due to which blood flows into them. Your erections improve and, over time, you will find permanent and irreversible growths in your penis size – both length and girth.

Earlier penis pumps were quite cumbersome actually, but today these devices have undergone revolutionary changes. They are very convenient to use but you need to have the privacy to use them. This is the only reason why penis pumps fall behind the traction devices in our list, since the latter can be discreetly used wherever you go.

Penis Pills

Penis pills are a distant third when it comes to penis enlargement. One thing that goes against them is that you have to ingest them and then they cause hormonal changes in your body which improves the circulation to the penile area. Anything that causes hormonal changes shouldn’t be good for the body anyway. Also, different people react to these pills in different ways and people may be allergic to some of the ingredients used in them. However, they are cheap as well and they are effective on the whole, though it does take a longer time for their effects to start showing.

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