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What Women Should Know about Penis Enhancement?

What Women Should Know about Penis Enhancement

The size of the penis has been a universal question since time incarnate. Ever since Mario Puzo wrote in The Godfather that Sonny had a big penis, and that basically pleased his wife a lot, men have wondered about whether the size of their penis is pleasing to their sexual partners or not. However, most men forget that it is the woman who would be most affected by the size of the penis and not the men – unless we are talking a homosexual relationship here. Here is some important information that the women should know about the penis enhancement and penis size. The penis size is no longer just the size of the genitals, but it also about the social status of the person, which increases its importance manifold.

To begin with, it is not the length of the penis that satisfies the woman, but it is the width. The length of the penis, even though spoken about a lot and hyped a lot since the past few decades, is quite average, and depends on several things – like the environment, the lifestyle, and the diet that is followed. Therefore, the men and the women both should not think a lot about the length of the penis, but should basically look at the width of the penis because that is what will be working in pleasing the sexual partner.

Also, for most women, the very fact that they are being penetrated is enough to arouse them, rather than the fact that they are being penetrated by a longer or a wider penis. Therefore, it may well be a myth that women want a longer and thicker penis for sexual intercourse. Many other people also believe that the foreplay decides the pleasure that the woman and the man experience, and not the size of the genitals. Women would also agree that the lovers who know how to press their buttons – their erogenous zones are the better lovers, as compared to ones who have the girth and the length but do not know what to do with it.

Secondly, though there are several devices and ways in which one can enlarge the penis, even the best devices do not have a drastic effect on the size of the penis. Even if these devices do increase the size of the penis, they will not increase it more than a few inches. Also, remember that these devices should not be used by people who have a medical condition. For example, if a person suffers from the micro penis syndrome, they should consult a doctor and see if they can solve their problem instead of taking various over the counter medicines, balms, etc. there have been many cases where companies come up with medicines and balms which they say will cure the medical issues and even increase the size of the penis, but not many have met with any success, and some would go ahead and call them elaborate scams.

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