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What You Should Know about Peyronie’s Disease (Curved Penis)

Peyronie’s Disease (Curved Penis)

Peyronie’s Disease (Curved Penis) is the condition in which the penis is bent. This is not apparent when the penis is flaccid (unexcited state) but becomes quite clear when the penis is erect. This kind of penis curvature can make the penis bend on one side, downward, jointed (called as the hinge effect, which makes the head of the penis abnormally bent in the downward direction) or upward (which is the most common kind of Peyronie’s Disease).

In most cases, there is no medical problem associated with penis curvatures. The man is still able to have sex and can bear children, but there may be some side-effects nonetheless. For one, the curvature may be too high and may physically obstruct the man from penetrating a vagina. There may be pain to both the man and the woman if the curvature is too severe. Some men with a bent penis experience a sharp, shooting pain each time they ejaculate because the semen needs to shoot out from the urethral duct with force.

All of this can cause psychological problems in the man which may take a toll on his relationships. There is a feeling of inadequacy in most men with severe penis curvatures and the pain associated with sex can put them off a meaningful relationship.

Why do penis curvatures happen? The causes for this condition are largely unknown to medical science yet. However, one cause that seems to be certain is if there has been an injury to the penis. If the injury is internal and doesn’t heal properly, then a scar tissue is formed on one side of the penis, which then causes the penis to bend in the opposite direction. This leads to an onset of Peyronie’s Disease.

Hereditary factors are also deemed responsible. Certain diseases like diabetes, collagen abnormalities and some autoimmune disorders can also cause Peyronie’s Disease to occur.

There are several curative methods known. Though surgeries are available, they should be avoided because they can do more harm than good. However, most doctors now recommend using high quality penis extender devices to correct penis curvatures.

These devices apply traction on the tissues of the penis, which are then uniformly stretched. When the person becomes sexually excited, the blood flow to these tissues is thus uniform and the penis curvature becomes mitigated over time.

It is recommended that men use penis extenders right when they have a small amount of penis curvature because this condition is known to worsen with time and age. Peyronie’s Disease is easier to correct when it is just starting. High degree of penis curvature may be corrected only through surgical methods.