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Penis Extenders: Penis Strap vs. Penis Sleeve?

Penis Extenders: Penis Strap vs. Penis Sleeve

Doctors often recommend penis enhancement devices to their male patients who visit them with a “size” problem, but the issue here is that some doctors recommend penis straps while some others recommend penis sleeves. As a result, most men are torn between these two – what device should you go for then if you have a “size” problem as well?

To understand that, you will need to learn about these devices in better detail.

Penis Straps

Penis straps aren’t solitary devices; they come with penis extenders. In fact, the device is the penis extender, while the strap is just the top component of it which grasps the head of the penis. While the pressure is applied on the penis with the help of various adjustment screws, it is the strap that grabs the glans of the penis firmly and allows it to expand.

There are two types of straps. The older versions were in the shape of a noose. They were made of stretchy materials like silicone which held the top of the penis firmly. The newer versions are an improvement of these. They are known as comfort straps. They are wider and so they can better distribute the pressure that’s subjected to the glans of the penis by this contraption.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are like jackets that can cover the whole penis shaft. They are meant to be placed over the penis and they apply pressure on the penis, which helps it to grow. Basically, penis sleeves were launched in the market as masturbatory devices. They were shaped in the form of beer cans or larger penises or even vaginas and their inner walls were made of materials that stimulated the inside of the vaginal canal. Today, these devices have been improvised to cause some degree of penis enhancement as well.

Penis Extenders – Making the Choice

So, the big question is which device you should use. Considering their pros and cons and their manner of working, it is quite obvious that penis extenders with straps are the much better choice to make. These are devices that are specifically designed for penis enhancement, while the penis sleeves are designed more for the titillation factor. If you are looking for a one-night stand with yourself, then maybe penis sleeves could be a good idea, but if you are looking at improving the length of your penis by an inch or two and maybe even its girth, then you should certainly go for penis straps.

Just one word when you are going for penis straps. Choose the recent ones that have comfort straps. That will ensure you can use these devices for 12-14 hours without ever feeling them. Also, you must know that the penis sleeves are available in just one standard size while the penis straps allow you to apply different levels of pressure on your member, thus using it for a long time till you have reached your desired goals.

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